When titles don’t relate to articles, or Aren’t turtles awesome?

Don’t you hate when the title of an article doesn’t at all make sense in regards to content? “Resume lies have longer shelf-life than degrees” doesn’t cover shelf-life of degrees. It’s also a bit elitist. Example? See below:

What’s sad is that in the tech world, performance usually trumps educational pedigree.

That’s not actually sad. It’s great. It means that you’re judged by what you can actually do instead of by where you went to school or what your degree is in or even your GPA*. That’s a positive thing, both for individuals and our economy because it means we’re more concerned with the quality of work and ability of workers than the pieces of paper for which we over-pay. Isn’t better to have a tech person that can fix tech problems than to have computer science major from [insert school here] who actually sucks at fixing tech problems?

Then there’s this gem, though not related to elitism:

Nor is it as egregious as the Radioshack boss who six years ago fibbed about graduating from bible school.

Who on Earth would lie about graduating from bible school? No, seriously, why would you tell people you went to bible school of all things? If you’re going to lie, at least make it sound like you got a real education.

*That’s not to say GPA or degrees are worthless – they’re great for picking who you want to work for you in the first place and for predicting how they’ll perform on the job. Ultimately, though, you want the people who perform over the people with fancy degrees or high GPAs.

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