What I’ve Been Reading: May 4th, or It’s a pancake, it’s a volleyball, NO! It’s SUPER MOON!

It’s a pancake, it’s a volleyball, NO! It’s SUPER MOON!

Today in Gender Role Marketing” – Skepchick does a lovely job pointing out sexism and misogyny in advertising and products. Yesterday’s example of gendered toys is particularly disturbing: word magnets for children. The words are supposed to help expand vocabulary. I bet you thought boys and girls should learn the same words when they’re young! Not so, apparently – just read the list of words on the “boys” magnets compared to the “girls” magnets. I guess money is only for boys. At least girls get music, stars, and sky.

I wish this reporter would have reported a bit more on Dr. Mahmoud El-Kati’s talk itself and not just reactions to it. Also wish I could’ve been there to hear it.

Religious sites are worse for your computer than porn sites. Symantec can’t seem to figure out why religious sites are such a popular target for fake anti-virus software. I think that’s pretty obvious. We’re talking about people who believe in things like immaculate conception, zombies*, people talking to a deity and angels, a fiery but non-physical place where bad people go, I could go on. Is it really such a surprise that these unskeptical people are targeted?

Science positive toys? Check. I’m going to have to buy this for my niece and nephew.

Pragmatic Republican party? Or perhaps proof that both pragmatic and moderate Republicans outnumber very conservative Republicans enough to get the moderate candidate nominated?

I don’t think it’s a question of “if” Google and Facebook will become irrelevant, but “when.”

I watch Gossip Girl. It’s one of those guilty pleasure television shows for me, right up there with Grey’s Anatomy. I always watch The Vampire Diaries, but since I watch it primarily to laugh at how ridiculous it is, I don’t consider it so much a “guilty pleasure” as a chance to laugh. Anyway, up until now Gossip Girl has managed to stay on the right side of the shark, but the latest episode available on cwtv.com calls that into question. Spoiler alert: they just brought Bart Bass back from the dead – either that or he had an identical twin all this time. Regardless, I think it may have just jumped to the wrong side of the shark…

*I have one particular zombie in mind. His name starts with a J and ends with an esus.

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