What I’ve Been Reading May 2 (Oh man, can’t believe it’s May!)

Boxer wearing shoes = hilarious.

People Don’t Read” (and why it matters to skepticism – but it generally just plain matters in life).

Tick Tock” – on delaying motherhood.

A friend of mine told me she was encouraged to attend church on Sundays during her air force training because it was the only time she would get a break – nonreligious individuals had no similar break time at any point in the week. This seems to be an unfortunately common issue, with “First Friday Prayer” at Fort Bragg being the most common well-known occurrence.

Heina at Skepchick on honor killings and domestic violence.

A Missouri Republican has come out as gay, denounced anti-gay sentiments, and decided to leave politics. Best of luck to him on becoming a marine biologist, and I hope his personal appeal against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill has a positive effect.

If abstinence-only education actually raises the age that teens start having sex, does that make it a good choice? Wouldn’t it be better to vigorously teach students about safe sexual practices, ways to prevent pregnancy, and also tell them abstinence is the only 100% method (unless you’re the mother of Jesus or a few other gods…).

I wear make-up because I want to. So there. Thanks to Greta for posting about this!

$120 million for a pastel version of “The Scream”. As a side note, I don’t think my art history textbook or professor ever mentioned that there are 4 versions of this painting.

Target will no longer sell Kindles. That kind of sucks, but the Kindle is available elsewhere in stores.

50 best bike trails in the U.S.

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