“Thinking can undermine religious faith, study finds”

Priceless, that’s what this headline is.

I’m sure the article is plenty interesting, although I’m a bit too tired to read all of it at the moment (I’m writing this post ahead of time). I just wanted to share the hilarious headline. It seems slightly over-simplified, but it’s definitely funny.

Going with the oversimplification: thinking undermines more than just religious faith. I think it undermines faith in all sorts of things, like alternative medicine and bunk science.

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2 thoughts on ““Thinking can undermine religious faith, study finds”

  1. Jimi says:

    Critical thinking skills are some of the most valuable skills humans can learn and improve upon. However, they are also scarey skills as they tend to prove the ideals that we hold most clearly to be wrong. It takes a strong person to develop their critical thinking skills and accept the fact that at times they need to modify their stance on issues to adapt to the new information they learn.

  2. Reason Being says:

    I have read that study…it is quite interesting. I think that as the line between religion and science becomes more blurry, we will see more of this type of thing. It seems to me that science is starting to look at religions more and more with a critical eye. As this trend grows, it is bad news for religions…so that is good news for people like us!

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