Conversations, Unplugging, and Truly Getting Away

Let me start out by saying that I didn’t read this entire article. I know, I know: I should read it before I comment on it. Instead of commenting on the article, I’ll comment on the sentiment – it’s been expressed many times before in many other articles. The current state of technology has created a situation in which we are often “alone together,” and in which many people do not actually converse with each other.

I agree, and I don’t like it. There are plenty of people out there that feel the same way. It is with these people that conversations are most enjoyable (assuming, you know, that you can get along with them) because you never feel like you’re interrupting their text message convo or worse, their phone call. Ever gone out to get coffee with someone to catch up? You sit down at a table with your coffee and what happens? Your friend promptly picks up the phone and starts a long conversation with someone else.

Um, didn’t you ask to get coffee so we could talk to each other? Or did you think it would be fun to bring me somewhere and make me feel uncomfortable as I awkwardly stare ateverything and everyone in the store except you to distract myself?

Okay people, let’s try to actually converse in person with other people! Make it a goal! Or a daily thing! Or just something that happens naturally oh-crap-the-world-is-ending-isn’t-it? I just told you to incorporate conversation into your life so that it becomes natural.

I think the ultimate point of this post was to tell you I’m going out of town to a place where I won’t have internet access. Did you know there was such a place? My cabin is in northern Minnesota, and it’s a bit rustic. We have running water (not drinkable) and electricity, but no reliable cell service, no land line, and no internet. It’s a great place to go to unplug.

I wish everyone had such a place. It’s really just better to turn everything off for a few days. I’m scheduling a few posts (including this one) to go up while I’m gone, but there may be several days without posts. I’m not entirely sure when I’ll be back. Enjoy your weekend!

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