What I’ve Been Reading: April 24th

Whaling Camp: Frozen Seas and Icescapes” – Gorgeous photos.

Mike & Ike are divorcing…apparently. Um, I don’t agree with Tony Perkins’s reaction, but I am kinda wondering whose idea this was? It kind of reminds me of when Barbie and Ken broke up.

US tax laws are so f***ed up. Wish they’d just scrap it all and start again, even though I know that would cost a pretty penny.

The future of Netflix looks dismal.

Therapeutic vaccines to treat cancer. Sometimes Fox has intelligent articles about science.

Why is a disease that we can vaccinate against and that was virtually eliminated in the US making a comeback? Vaccinate your children, people. VACCINATE THEM. Stop with the irrational anti-vacc crap.

Deja vu: they said the iPhone wouldn’t sell.

Supersonic, hypersonic… when’s the teleportation going to happen?

I read part of one article that I considered posting on here, but instead I wanted to offer something else to think about. The article said, “Women are more emotional than men.” Now tell me, other than cultural beliefs and conventional wisdom, is that statement supported by anything? I’m not saying it’s not true (it may be), but I would prefer if people would question it a little more often. It’s quite annoying that this is a widely accepted piece of “wisdom.”

Our brains focus on one thing at a time, unless you make up a part of 2.5% of the population who are “super-taskers.” Did you see that gorilla?

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7 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading: April 24th

  1. Jimi says:

    I’ve honestly never understood the whole “anti-vacc” movement. Granted there are cases where there are bad and lethal reactions to the vaccinations but those numbers are small compared to the lives that are saved from the vaccinations. While it may appear overly clinical to think in those terms, it is how we have to think. Meh, maybe I am just to cynical.

  2. Reason Being says:

    The question about women being more emotional than men bothers me. I do not think that it is a question that can be answered with a blanket statment. We are each individuals and prone to a whole host of emotions. Which emotions does the question refer too? Who cares? I think we need to look at each person individually and decide if that person is more emotional than other people or not…though I am not sure to what end we would use that information.

    The other problem is the sexist nature of the question. Ex: my wife complains about something at work and she is seen as bitchy and emotional. One of her male colleagues throws a temper tantrum over the same complaint and nothing is noticed…oh except the problem gets corrected sooner. Who is the more emotional person in reality and who gets the label?

    • I agree. Entirely. And I would add that many people aren’t consistently “emotional”. For example, I can be quite emotional around people I’m extremely comfortable with, but around acquaintances or strangers I am not at all.

      I think the lesson is this: damn blanket statements. Haha.

  3. Grundy says:

    They went with hypersonic, huh? I lobbied for them to be called superdupersonic jets. Ah well.

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