What I’ve Been Reading: April 23

Since my boyfriend (call him B – I’ll take a page from MJ’s book) gave me The New Best Recipe for Christmas the list of things I’d like to make has been growing faster than ever before. I used to have a list of things I’d like to make, but they were nearly all desserts. Anyway, an old post on Rantings of an Amateur Chef reminded me that I want to make pierogis. Why am I telling you? I have no idea.

The first piece I wrote for my college newspaper was on the death penalty. I used to be pro death penalty because I was idealistic (re: young*) enough to believe whole-heartedly in our justice system. I cannot, however, support the death penalty in a justice system that gets things so terribly wrong. I cannot support the death penalty when an innocent person may lose their life.

I’m glad no one could hear the disgustingly cutesy things that came out of my mouth when I saw this puppy. 🙂

Busybusybusy. I know I don’t appreciate all the down time I have as much as I should. I like balance, though.

Legalizing prostitution is often represented as a solution to the violence and exploitation ever present in the sex industry. Thanks to a variety of acquaintances and high-profile writers I now know that’s not necessarily true. I do have to wonder: is there a way to legalize prostitution and eliminate all the violence and exploitation?

Digital Printing” – Check this out because you’re probably inferring incorrectly from that title.

We must stop feeding unhealthy obsession with looks” Most people, men and women are guilty of judging others based on looks. I can certainly think of too many times when I’ve analyzed how someone – celebrity or not – looked and judged them on it. I make a conscious effort not to do it, but it still happens. Maybe if we all start making a sincerely conscious effort?

Great post. I think there’s a bit of a language fail (at least in English) for the way we talk about science, and that’s why people say they “believe” in things like evolution even though you rarely hear people say they “believe” in gravity.

Ben Affleck Discovers “My Little Pony“? If only it were a true story…

Reddit sexism: gender experiment.

*Not that young always means idealistic, but in this case it does.

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