What I’ve Been Reading: April 21st

I think I need to come up with a more clever title for these posts. “What I’ve Been Reading” is a little boring.

Pronouns and privilege” is a post about the use of pronouns and the privilege that cisgender individuals have because they are nearly always called by their desired pronouns. More accurately, it’s about the privilege that trans individuals lack – far more frequently than should happen, their wishes about pronouns are ignored. Side note: I had no idea that there were so many alternative pronouns.

Need to see a puppy? Here you go.

More talk about Title IX and sexual assault. This has a lot of information in it and is definitely an interesting read. I do have to say that the mother of the falsely accused sounded a little confused when she said,

“I went to sleep at night worrying that my son was going to be in the Bismarck prison. I had a vision of him in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs,” she said. “You don’t put somebody in peril of going to prison on a 50.1 percent standard.”

Her son wasn’t “in peril of going to prison on a 50.1 percent standard” as far as I can tell. The only thing riding on that standard was punishment by the school, and schools don’t get to put people in jail.

Are food deserts a myth?

California in trouble? This article sure makes it sound that way.

Political stuff, if you feel like reading it.

Because if you starve yourself while using a feeding tube, it’s okay. *mega eye roll*

I never hear about meteor showers far enough ahead of time to leave the cities. Maybe I should start following astronomy independently instead of waiting for news articles.

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