What I’ve Been Reading: April 20th

I know this is old news by now, but it makes me sick that girls were poisoned because they were getting an education. Nevermind the fact that girls shouldn’t be denied an education on the basis of the desire of the male sex to control them, these children were not responsible for education being made available to them. Innocent children is what they were. Innocent.

“The Politics of Contraception” – fantastic.

Doctors handing out Christian pamphlets with test results – ugh. I don’t understand why.

Banking in the developing world” I love learning about banking in various regions and countries around the world.

I love science, evolution, genetics and biology. A recent genetic comparison of several species of bears revealed that polar bears and brown bears share a common ancestor, but split 600,000 years ago.

Yeah, Obama is definitely not comparable to Nazis. Even if you don’t like him, his support for the freedom of women to control their own reproductive system is nothing like the Nazis forcing abortions. Not that I’m calling anyone a Nazi, but denying reproductive choices to women is far more Nazi-like than supporting individual, private control.

My state Representative does a survey of her constituents. I wonder how high of a response rate she got? I know I responded.

Misogyny in advertisements? Check. Sounds like a bit of skin color prejudice as well.

Amateur storm chasers causing problems. The last sentence is goofy – shoot traffic offenders with a paintball gun and then return and ticket everyone with a paint splat? Note to Chancy Smith: ever heard of a camera?

Standardized testing at college?

America’s Crisis of Character“? Or Youtube, the internet and camera phones at work? I’m tired of reading warnings about how the character of Americans is deteriorating. Do these people ever stop to think that the availability of videos is greater and that there is wider reporting on all sorts of things?

Feeding tubes should not be a diet option, at least not for anyone just trying to lose a few pounds. I posted about this diet before when an article about bride-to-bes using feeding tubes to lose 15 pounds came out. Maybe people should try the diet featured in this article instead. Or, you know, just learn how to exercise, eat healthy and plan ahead.

Coke doesn’t need warning signs, people need to grow brains. 2 gallons of coca-cola a day? Seriously? A woman died from drinking excessive amounts of Coca-cola. What crazy person drinks that much Coke each day?

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2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading: April 20th

  1. NuclearGrrl says:

    I liked the basic philosophy behind “The Politics of Contraception.” But I think it could have been better written. The treatise is full of facts; but the ideas are expressed in a disjointed, incomplete fashion. Maybe that is a consequence of length constraint – I don’t know. I was disappointed that the author mentioned very fleetingly certain points (such as Afghanistan) without fleshing out the supporting facts. Without these details, a reader is looking at a tapestry full of holes needing filling.

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