What I’ve Been Reading: April 17

The Power of Mindset“: What you believe about intelligence matters.

On Banning Burqas – very salient points, though I wish she would’ve covered thoughts on identification photos and wearing burqas in security situations (airports, police pulling people over, etc.).

Dear Daughter” – I love these types of posts. :)*

Having an abortion in 1978 – it sounds like a different world.*

The Morning Heresy including an article about Minne! šŸ˜€ Minne is a lake monster that resides in Minneapolis lakes in the summer time.

eHarmony dupes customers? Yeah, even an eHarmony employee admits it:

“You do know that the American public has gotten hoodwinked since there was a product to be sold,” Bradbury says. “The risks associated with the badness of these instruments and these devices in these sites have no long-term cost; it’s just money out of someone’s pocket. People are getting duped, but it’s not a life-or-death situation.”

I get really tired of the idea that a lie not causing serious damage makes the lie okay, especially if its selling a product. It’s funny to me that Bradbury basically says eHarmony is similar to snake oil**, but it’s okay because nothing really bad happens. It doesn’t matter if you misrepresent things and lie to the public if people don’t get hurt!

*Got both of these from Skepchick Quickies.

**Granted dating sites are noticeably more reliable than snake oil.

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