What I’ve Been Reading: April 16th (not much)

Did you miss me? Er, maybe you shouldn’t answer that.

The Death of Decency” Person attends funeral for someone dear that took their own life, pastor talks more about Jesus, God, and the sin of suicide, person’s atheism and dislike of religion is reinvigorated. Sounds about right.

Sensors for seniors. This is a nice use of technology, though I understand worries about privacy as well.

Sort of hidden information in this article about police shooting dogs they deem dangerous: certain Minneapolis police officers have a penchant for violence, and not just against dogs. The city may deny beating that man, but from all the different stories I’ve heard, I’d say the man really did have the crap kicked out of him.

What was it like to fly before 9/11? The first time I flew was in 2008. I think I went with my sister to the airport once before 9/11 – I got to go through security and wait with her at her gate. A former TSA exec shared his opinion on what should change within US airport security – interesting stuff.

On healthcare costs:

When insurance companies or government bodies try to control costs, they usually make across-the-board reimbursement cuts that ultimately are unsustainable because they have no connection to the true costs of delivering care. Providers themselves do not measure their costs correctly. They assign costs to patients based on what they charge, not on the actual costs of the resources, like personnel and equipment, used to care for the patient. The result is that attempts to cut costs fail, and total health care costs just keep rising.

When is the best time to buy a plane ticket? It depends on where you’re going.

Fad diets are fads. They’re rarely based on real science. What an awful obsession we have with our weight. If it was, “I want to be healthy (for my wedding),” that’d be fine. When you’re healthy your skin and hair look better, and a healthy weight typically looks better. Instead it’s, “I want to be thinner.”

Erica Huss, a founder of BluePrint, explained the effect of the diet as “You’re working out all the bad stuff.” Put another way, an all-juice diet is a laxative.

“Do you notice they never tell you what the toxins actually are?” he said. “There’s no science to back them up.”


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2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading: April 16th (not much)

  1. Jimi says:

    My own thoughts about insurance are rather simple–the costs do no need to be that high. While I do not begrudge anyone making money, there does come a point when enough is enough. When people have to seriously debate paying the rent, eating or getting their meds we have a problem in the system.

  2. […] tubes should not be a diet option, at least not for anyone just trying to lose a few pounds. I posted about this diet before when an article about bride-to-bes using feeding tubes to lose 15 pounds came out. Maybe […]

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