What I’ve Been Reading: April 9 (aka I’m too lazy to write a real post)

AIDS in Romania – it’s really horrifying to think how many people (in Romania) contracted HIV because of unsanitary medical procedures and how many people are unaware of being infected.

The Economist had an interesting and short article about the wide array of problems found in healthcare in the United States. It’s nice when people admit the problem is complicated and multifaceted and will not be solved by universal healthcare.

I’ve never been so thankful for statutory rape laws in the United States. Twelve is too young for sex, consensual or not, prostitute or not. I think Brazil needs to work on its laws in that area.

Prostitution seems to be a popular topic today. Taslima Nasreen wrote a post speaking out against sex slavery and prostitution. Greta Christina replied both saying she agrees sexual exploitation is wrong and pointing out that not all prostitution is sexual exploitation. If you read one, make sure you read both!

“A Voice For Men”: The link posted via Facebook to this post did not immediately raise red flags. When I clicked the link, though, my first flag went up because of the “false rape society” banner at the top. Not to say there aren’t falsely accused men out there or that they don’t deserve a voice – of course they do. It’s just that a website like that is bound to attract just as many men claiming to falsely accused when they weren’t as legitimately falsely accused men. The second red flag comes up further down the page, when they start to hate on women and feminists. Do you think maybe it’d be better to share this information without the added thought that women are evil? And without the oft-repeated quote (from a single source) that women in domestically violent relationships are just as or more violent? It sounded as if they were trying to push the “more violent” really hard. And finally, differentiating between sexual violence and domestic violence is a must – they’re not mutually exclusive, of course, but they’re also not the same thing. Possibly a good topic for a Man Boobz post!

Unwieldy movement, indeed. What do you think of Occupy? My family and I were discussing it: the first comment on the subject illustrated how hard to understand the movement is because it lacks a clearly unified stance. The second comment, showed that the speaker understands how confusing the movement is. The third comment, from myself, gave an example of all the different views attributable to the movement.

Voxcorvegis wrote a great post on think tanks. Why does the press report so widely on the biased “studies”?

It’s occurred to me in the past few months that if the Mitt Romney who became governor of MA were running for president, he quite likely would have my vote. Unfortunately, a different Romney seems to be running for president. I’m not sure if this is the first Romney in disguise, a man with a personality disorder of sorts, or just a man who wants to win so badly that he’ll say anything (a man without integrity).

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