What I’ve Been Reading: April 8*

This Subreddit Gives Me Hope” – atheist havens.

Bananas give everyone a chemical burn sort of feeling, right? 😉

Feminists killed Jesus! Clearly! Also, women’s idea of justice involves lynch-mobs and false accusations! Because that’s real justice. *eyes roll so hard that I die* Who knew that anyone could think women were powerful enough to force “Pontius pilate” to kill Jesus?

Christian music can get pretty creepy.

Where’d the flame go?

Is TANF as great as everyone said it would be? I wouldn’t say the evidence is conclusive either way.

Ishtar = Easter? Who knew? I mean, I knew the origins of Easter were decidedly not Christian, but I didn’t know most of what was in this post. Not that I take it all as fact because I’ve definitely heard other origin stories. Still, intriguing.

The Roman Catholic Church and the Gays” Well-worded article about how unChrist-like it is to deny a charity money based on the affiliation of an affiliated group. Or something like that. Can someone explain to me why people say, “the Gays”? Does that usage bother gay people? It’s always seemed so odd to me. “the Gays” like they’re a fully united group or nation or something…

I loved this article about the changes in women’s clothing sizes!

The dangers of exorcism are very real, from delayed or withdrawn medical/psychological care to death. I found the story about the three teen exorcists disturbing, as well.

Should Justice Thomas ask questions? I don’t know if it’s necessary or not. I don’t think that everyone likes to ask questions. I’m not saying he’s not inquisitive, but with the wealth of information already available he may, perhaps, see no benefit to asking other questions.

One mother says parenting in France and England is much easier and laid-back than parenting in the US.

There are still witch hunts in the world. Messed up.

Brazil and the United States have an unequal relationship. What are the consequences? Also, look at the web address: it says “firneds” instead of “friends.”

*Yeah, it said the 7th before. Not sure what happened that I didn’t catch that…

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One thought on “What I’ve Been Reading: April 8*

  1. MJ says:

    Former classicist chiming in on the Easter thing… Most of the origin stories you’ve heard typically have at least some grain of truth to them. A lot of the gods of ancient societies (Greek, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, etc) have very similar names and modes of worship because they’re essentially borrowed from one another. (The Greeks especially loved to add new gods to the Pantheon whenever they came across them.) Because of this, all those different origin stories can be accurate at the same time, even if they involve different “original” goddesses, because many of those goddesses are different cultures’ interpretations of each others’ deities, with similar names (at least in origin) and similar* modes of worship.

    * Granted, I’m using similar the same way archeologists use it, which is to say it’s actually pretty dissimilar. But a thousand years of cultural shift causes that, usually. Just see how most religions practice today compared to a thousand years ago.

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