What I’ve Been Reading: April 6

Normally when I click on Man Boobz posts I have a giant “trigger warning” sign flashing in my head before I’ve started reading. Either I’m adapting, or this is actually amusing enough to counterbalance the disturbing part.

I’m going to need a volunteer to go steal this puppy for me. Just for a while. He’s just so painfully cute.*

Took this from both The Morning Heresy and Skepchick Quickies:

If we’re going down that road, then okay! According to history, we were only supposed to have ONE cell. God, you people and your multi-cellular privilege. Ever since I became a primordial soupist, my IBS has totally cleared up (mainly because I don’t have intestines anymore—just cytoplasm).

This was inspired by an article about when cooking food came about.

Blobby shadow, Jesus, or mustachioed man wearing a turban? It’s a mystery! (Not really… It’s just a shadow.)

All right, this one definitely is not Jesus. It’s either just a stingray, or a stingray with an anime character on its back. Or possibly Hagrid.

Genetic mutations and the age of the father play a role in autism spectrum disorder.

Sinking the “ghost” ship – it always amazes me that sinking a ship can be deemed better for the environment than taking it out of the water. I’m not arguing with it, I just find it surprising.

Tablet use in companies. Tablets and smartphones make up 25% of computer usage for work globally.

More cute animals. More from Skepchick. Puppies! Well, er, they’re mostly full-grown dogs.

I’m taking a bath why are you taking photos of me! Perv.” What a cute puppy. 😀

I don’t usually follow celebrity news, but Amanda Bynes’ DUI made me rather sad. Mostly because she seems rather well-adjusted and like a good role-model (at least when we’re looking at Hollywood’s selection).

Okay, whose idea was it to drink coffee in the morning? Seriously, who came up with that? I feel like someone took out my insides, twisted them into a messed up ball, then stuffed them back inside of me, and I’m pretty sure it’s from the mocha I had this morning. It’s not the sugar – my body can handle sugar at all times of day.

*I don’t really need a volunteer. I’m not a thief. I just like the puppy.

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2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading: April 6

  1. Larry says:

    Wow you read a lot! :p

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