What I’ve Been Reading: April 5

JREF on the increase in the rate autism diagnosis. This is a great explanation of why the increase in the rate of diagnosis doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in the prevalence of autism.

Killer Homeopath” from the Skeptic Detective.

Students at DeLaSalle High School in Minneapolis didn’t like the negative view of single-parent families and families with adopted children that the Minneapolis Archdiocese delivered at an assembly. This website focuses on the anti-gay part of the message, but I would say the students’ response to all of the negative messages are important. FYI: children of married parents are not better than children without married parents.

Rough day? Here’s your answer!

Yes, we should remove “In God We Trust” from US money.


Women on Wikipedia.

Sound waves to detect landmines. A low cost way to detect mines. 🙂

Using juvenile blood to help old people? A little weird, but okay. Using juvenile blood as a performance enhancer? Messed up.

Because it’s so damn important to believe in a central idea that someone else defines and many people believe in and creating a community around a shared idea is wrong! (sarcasm) Oh, and all that statistical evidence that atheists are one of the least trusted, most hated groups in the US? That’s all our imagination. That attempt to be incredibly careful not to inadvertently reveal your atheism lest your possible future employers throw you out of applicant pools? Also our imagination. Feel free to criticize what various leaders in the atheist movement have said. Feel free to criticize over-identification with the Civil Rights Movement, though I know no atheist who thinks they have it anywhere near as rough as those fighting for their rights in the ’60s. But don’t throw out our evidence-based claims, too. Don’t misunderstand that not believing in god makes it pretty near impossible to have any time when you can speak about religion without a mega-filter on your mouth, a filter that most religious people will never understand.*

Santorum: Still delusional. Just in case you needed an update and thought maybe he had come to his senses.

Humongous Fuzzy Dinosaur Unearthed in China.”

What I’ve learned about apartments in historic buildings: I will probably never have one. They all seem to be for low-income artists or rich people. Can someone explain why on Earth you are even allowed to designate low-income housing as specifically for “artists”?

Business majors: worthwhile or not?

No, I do not want to wear my computer on my face. “Do something else.” Haha. I always think of that episode of Futurama when everyone gets their phone surgically inserted into their head (or eye? I don’t remember) and it is then used for mind control.

Aaaannd just to amuse you: the glasses phenomenon.

Props to the Morning Heresy, where I found some of the above links. Also to Skepchick for Skepchick Quickies 4.5

*Sorry for that verbose response. Bit annoyed.

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