What I’ve Been Reading: April 4

In case you didn’t read my post earlier about trans issues, I recommend this blog post (to which I linked in my other post as well).

Thevenerablecorvex at voxcorvegis was nice enough to give a link to a glossary of transgenderism. It’s quite helpful.

Bravery in counterprotesting. I love the sign, “We are not one nation under God. We are one nation under Canada.”

So much discussion of the healthcare law, and Obama says something less than intelligent.*

I’m glad I’m not the only one worried about the effect Dodd-Frank will have on smaller banks.

Jonathan Turley wrote a post about the law in Arizona that’s not in line with the freedom of speech. It’s a short examination of what’s wrong with the law.

Loved this post from the Skeptic Detective.

Forced psychiatric treatment of a transsexual girl – definitely not okay. Not even sure this should be called “psychiatric treatment,” it sounds more like mental manipulation.

*Yes, it was one thing. No, this is not an attack on Obama. If you decide to comment about how I’m attacking Obama, I will just delete the comment. I’m not.

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