I am: independent, atheist, feminist.

I am not usually reliant on ideology. I do my best to think independently and figure out what is right in that manner, rather than relying on what other people say or relying on doctrines of different groups. I am a political independent, I am an atheist with a lowercase a, I am a feminist.

When I say I am an independent, I mean I try to avoid relying on what the major parties say about candidates. I avoid depending on partisan websites to find my information (or I attempt to find multiple sources). When I vote, I don’t vote on the basis of party affiliation unless that’s the only information available, in which case I often don’t fill out that part of the ballot at all. I never vote on party lines.

When I say I am an atheist with a lowercase a, I am not taking shots at Atheists or New Atheists. I am simply saying that while I identify as atheist and do so openly, I do not identify as such to place myself in a group. I feel that if there is an identifiable group of Atheists, capital letter intended, I am not a part of it. My primary reason for identifying as an atheist is actually to demonstrate to the world that the idea of atheists as immoral essentially sociopathic people is wrong. I am a good, moral, polite, accepting atheist and I think for myself.

When I say I am a feminist, the only principle of feminism I recognize is equality. I say I am a feminist because I believe in equality. Male, female, cisgender, transgender, homosexual, heterosexual, queer, or whatever, I believe in equality. I only recently found out that some feminists have mega issues with the trans community, especially transwomen and even more recently actually saw a direct example of women calling themselves feminists exhibiting a scary amount of transphobia.* I can’t even believe how lost the primary message of feminism is to these people. I’m horrified that a person could think that in an attempt to eliminate patriarchy, feminists should reject all potential transwomen as allies and instead denounce them as some sort of enemy. The feminism I believe in isn’t a war against men in which transwomen are treated like spies, if it’s a war at all, it’s a war for equality.

*I’d link to it, but I don’t really want to give them site traffic, no matter how negligible.

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