What I’ve Been Reading: March 31

The Friendly Atheist on Glenn Beck and the Reason Rally. Did you know that Glenn Beck used to sound pretty decent and reasonable on his radio show? But he slowly went crazy… Why do I know this, you ask? I worked at a family business and they played a variety of different talk radio shows during the day.

Maybe we should just be more like Japan and use cash all the time. Then we would deal with fewer cases of identity theft and data breaches via credit card use.

The Chicago Sun-Times had an article about a man who killed his wife then committed suicide. Normally I read about murder-suicides and think it’s awful. But this one was a devoted husband who ended his wife’s life 5 years into the course of her Alzheimer’s, and I can’t blame him at all. My heart goes out to the family. This hits close to home.

It’s unfortunate that the government and anti-trust sentiment crippled our once-sprawling rail system. These days it’s unlikely that we could make a cross-country rail system work for passenger traffic. California’s going to try, though. If anything will work, it’s going to be high-speed rail.

Just read a NY Times article about a religious real estate company – that is, they only deal with religious properties (churches, mosques, temples, etc.). It’s a bit of a slow-news-day article – I got to the end and wondered what the point was. It was still interesting to read, especially about how the market for these properties has been affected and the attempts of some groups to discriminate against others even when trying to sell a property. (The pair that owns the company is cool, it’s the clients that try to discriminate).

I don’t find the various methods of communication confusing, but I definitely realize people have preferences. I’m a text or e-mail kind of person.

SAVE THE BEES! If only we actually knew how to do this.

Candy and money in Canada! Woo! (Just for the record, real white chocolate has cocoa butter in it so I’d say it qualifies as real chocolate.)*

I’m so glad I decided to follow No Ruff Days. When I’m stressed or sad or whatever, a photo of an adorable dog goes a long way toward cheering me up. This pup wants all the tennis balls!

In case you needed a little more American politics in your life, feel free to read about the Republican men who just won’t let go. And all the money people are spending throwing away to try to win elections. Random thought: the picture of Romney makes me think of a nice cartoon rat.

Okay… Now Santorum looks even more like a cartoon rat than Romney. In fact, Romney looked like a friendly cartoon rat. Santorum looks like the kind of cartoon rat that the other characters all run away from. Oh sorry, should I be focusing on article content? Santorum, either suck it up and deal or just drop out already. If he’s being quoted correctly at the end of the article, it doesn’t even sound like he’s got the right attitude to hold presidential or vice presidential office.


Ooooh! I can read a lot of books at one time. And unlike a lot of people in the comments, I don’t have to keep them separated from one another or read very different genres. 😀 I think the most I’ve ever been actively switching between was 6 or 7.

New app called Girls Around Me is a creepy wake-up call for women who are not careful about their online privacy. It’s also just plain creepy.

*If that seemed completely irrelevant, watch the video in the blog post.

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