Other Blog’s Comment Makes Me Angry

Sometimes I read other blogs and see comments that make me yell at the computer screen. Silly, I know.

My mother and grandfather decided to take away my grandmother’s driver’s license when she nearly hit me* over a mile away from our house** as she ran a red pedestrian crossing traffic light. It’s a hard decision to make because you are taking away ease of mobility from someone who often has always been able to go anywhere they want. Nevertheless, these decisions must be made. This is why the following comment from “Leave the Driving to Google” disturbed me so much:

The person who posted this comment is 100% aware that their father is not a safe driver. Apparently, they care so little about their father, about other people who are on or near the roads, and about acting morally that they just let him continue driving. And worse, he has already totaled a car. It’s not as if this is just beginning!

I do not advocate unnecessary removal of licenses from people just for being elderly. Yes, it drives me a little crazy when I get stuck behind an elderly driver who leaves their blinker on for 10 miles on the freeway, who drives 45mph in a 65mph zone or who never keeps a constant speed, but some of these drivers are still relatively safe drivers (although perhaps not if you judge safety based on effect on others’ blood pressure).

When someone’s age is affecting their health, though, and that health affects their driving, there’s a problem. The reason my grandmother nearly hit me? She was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. The father of the person responsible for that comment has dementia, neuropathy in his feet***, diabetes, and he drives too fast when he needs to use the bathroom. That all points to someone who shouldn’t be driving (except the diabetes, that could go either way).

It makes me angry that people don’t take enough responsibility for their family to make sure family members like this aren’t driving. And given that he’s going to church, don’t you think there’s someone that might be available to give him rides?

* Thankfully I was a vigilant kid making sure no cars were going to hit me and also that it wasn’t someone else crossing that day.

** We lived with my grandparents.

***About neuropathy here, or Google it.

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