What I’ve Been Reading March 28: the Blog edition

So-named because it is filled with links to other (mostly wordpress) blogs!

The King Heathen’s take on secular death was a good post. Especially loved the Firefly and House references.

There are some things PZ Myers won’t compromise on. And for this one, he’s definitely admirable.

And here’s one from Jonathan Turley. Um, what?

Educations in New York decided that, with such things as Halloween and dancing, the reference to dinosaurs “could evoke unpleasant emotions in the students.” Also banned is the word “evolution.”

Sidenote: dinosaurs are more than “an entire species.”

Oatmeal Extremists! That’ll make sense if you click the link. I guess I’m not qualified to be an atheist extremist since alcohol is not my thing. Does having a tremendous sweet tooth work as an alternative? Personally I prefer the image of an atheist extremist eating cotton candy and perhaps buying the c.c. cart, too. Or mini-donuts! I’ll stop.

Keith Ablow is still at his we-must-have-rigid-traditional-gender-roles game. He came to my attention last year when the Jenna Lyons/J. Crew/boy in pink toenail polish* thing happened. Keith Ablow is apparently obsessed with rigid gender roles. He’s supposed to be a psychiatrist and he works with Fox. Now he’s opining about “The Hunger Games” movie.

Ooh! Plagiarism, that’s fun. Seriously? It’s on a site that seems semi-professional, too.

Was Jesus a zombie? (Or, more appropriately, “Biblical Myths, Metaphors and Fairy Stories – Part 2”). Interesting post by Rowan.

This is a bit random, but a man named Brian Davis is using law enforcement sketch software to make sketches of book characters. I have to admit, though, that most of these don’t really click with me. Mr. Rochester needs a bigger nose.

*If I was even remotely anonymous before I’ve now ruined it. I think I’ve linked to my articles in the past as well, though. Whatever. Yeah, now you know who I am.


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4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading March 28: the Blog edition

  1. King Heathen says:

    Live your life like you’re Firefly, never assume you’ll be the Simpsons.

  2. rowanwphillips says:

    Thanks for the link but I’d like to point out that zombie is your choice of word not mine!

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