Spam comments, just for kicks.**

I’ve been saving up spam queue comments for fun(sies).

I had three that landed in my queue as possible spam. They’re not particularly remarkable, but they’re a little funny. I don’t really understand why spam happens…

I particularly like the last one because it kind of says I’m clever*. I’ve always liked being called clever.

*Yeah, I know, it doesn’t really count.

** Seriously, give me some kicks – shoes, not physical abuse. I’m sharing my stupid spam with you!

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One thought on “Spam comments, just for kicks.**

  1. Jimi says:

    I get many of the same ones, or near enough to qualify. They give me a chuckle as I hit the delete permanently link. As for how spam happens–as an assumption i would say based on known internet addresses, syntax in the message or the number of links in the message.

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