What I’ve Been Reading March 26

A 90s Kid’s Christmas List” just because it’s awesome. I’m glad I grew up in the 90s and the possibility of me having a cell phone didn’t occur until after the age of 12.

There was a local meeting in Minneapolis held to discuss “solutions to end gun violence.” I applaud the community leaders who decided to hold that meeting. It seems to me that communities can be far more effective at ending gun violence than legislators.

Cheney, at age 71, had a heart transplant. I didn’t think it was normal for people of that age to get transplants, but I was mistaken. I really appreciated the explanations offered in this article about transplants and how age factors in.


Supervised parent visits – a lot of the MSP headlines today seem to be reflecting national issues. This one would probably have come up on its own, but the case in Washington just brings it to greater prominence.

Are employers seriously asking for potential employees’ social network username and password information*? Or did this happen once or twice and somehow get national attention? Other articles about it can be found here, here and here. I would never share my login information. Not ever, and the only things I put on Facebook that might turn employers off are that I’m an atheist and that I blog about political topics. I wouldn’t share that information because doing so would compromise the security of my account and because my Facebook activities are not part of my professional life.

*That’s messed up.

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One thought on “What I’ve Been Reading March 26

  1. Jimi says:

    Indeed employers are asking for login information and people are losing the opportunity to get a job if they do not share the information. It is a scarey time we live in when it comes to social networking and the internet in general. The fact that employers seem to think that this practice is all right is downright frightening. However, I do not see it going away and only see it getting worse, especially when it comes to jobs that involve interactions with children. While I can understand the sentiment behind the idea I do not approve of it at all; in fact I will not be surprised when employers start asking candidates to bring in their computers so the companies IT people can search the machines to make sure nothing objectionable is on them.

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