Thirty Day Book Challenge #26: Favorite nonfiction book

Ummmmmmm. Do cookbooks count?

Because if they do! My favorite nonfiction book is The New Best Recipe. Cooking is a bit of a hobby for me. When my boyfriend was asking what he could get me for Christmas I suggested nice bakeware or other cooking and baking related stuff. I think I also suggested books, although I don’t know if I suggested cookbooks.

He chose this one and gave it to me for Christmas, and I love it. It’s a fantastic cookbook and I’m always happy to pick it up because I think of him.

I often pick it up without any intention of cooking anything. I can read it for an hour without even realizing how much time has passed. It’s full of descriptions of what constitutes “perfect” for many different recipes. It’s fascinating to read the little excerpts about science (whether it’s about relaxing dough or resting meat). Instead of just giving you a recipe for souffle, which I had never made before I got this cookbook, you get to read all about what the authors think a perfect souffle is like. That kind of context is really helpful when trying to determine if your own attempts have succeeded.*

If you’re looking for a new cookbook and want one that is full of information (as opposed to just plain old recipes), go for this one.

*No recipe is fool proof, not even in this cookbook. Still, this book gets a lot closer to foolproof than many others I’ve seen. By sharing information about the way the authors tweaked recipes to get to the “perfect” one, the authors give the readers/bakers/cooks enough knowledge to figure out what went wrong with their own failures.

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