What I’ve Been Reading March 25

Sarcasm and the Vagina Vigilantes” – a guest post on Jonathan Turley. Definitely worth a read. I especially enjoyed the highlights of the tongue-in-cheek comments women left on politicians’ websites.

Rape jokes aren’t funny. If possible, rape jokes used to advertise are even less funny. UPDATE: MJ wants to add that prison rape jokes are still rape jokes, and they aren’t funny, either.

This joke is funny, in a would-you-seriously-just-let-us-teach-science kind of a way.

Here’s another funny post. This time, you can laugh at someone, and there’s no non-humorous catch! At least not yet. If the writer dies in the next week, I will have to update the post…

My generation is (thought to be) so shallow that we’ll change our mind about buying a brand new car if it comes in “youthful” colors.

LinkedIn mistakes. May as well read this, right?

Rich people are less ethical? Or, being unethical might be how you end up rich? Either way, sounds like I’ll never be a “rich” person. Crap.

Here’s a piece about the healthcare legislation. I appreciate some of what the author says, but I think they glossed over a variety of issues. Most people dislike the individual mandate on the basis of our freedoms, so even if you, like me, entirely realize the necessity of such a mandate for the reform to work properly, that doesn’t mean you will ultimately agree with the mandate. Just because Romney enacted similar state-level legislation, does not mean he should automatically support federal-level legislation. Whatever his actual motivation, people need to accept that differentiating between state rights and federal rights is important and valid. The mention of coverage of younger persons: younger people might choose not to pay for insurance for any of the reasons listed in the article, but they are also statistically less likely to need insurance. It’s not as irrational a decision as the author makes it sound like.

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike cats? Seriously, what is with the cat mania permeating so much of the blogosphere? Is there some connection from a desire to write a blog and loving a cat? Or are the cat lovers, like the very conservative, the loudest of the animal lovers? It used to be hard for me to avoid cats – a lot of people just don’t understand how much I loath them. Seriously, I would prefer to never enter a house in which a cat lives. It’s not as hard now since I developed a cat allergy. “I can’t spend time at your house because it will become nearly impossible to breath through my nose and I will use an entire box of your tissues,” is a pretty good excuse to avoid someone’s cat (and home, for that matter).

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One thought on “What I’ve Been Reading March 25

  1. MJ says:

    Well, it’s been two days and no death yet. I think we can safely say you may laugh at me all you want.

    Also, slightly OT, but can I add “prison rape jokes are still rape jokes” to the second point? I’m still floored by how many people think rape in general is bad but prison rape is somehow acceptable and hilarious.

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