Search Engine Terms That Led To My Blog…

Search engine terms of the day!

I’m going to go through a couple of these. 😀

“why private property is bzd” – I’m really curious about how you ended up typing “bzd” instead of “bad.” Also, private property isn’t necessarily bad. I suppose it can be in some situations, but I generally have a positive view of private property. It can be a remarkably effective driver of economies, especially when said economy operates as a somewhat simple market economy. I can only assume my post, “Private Property is Bad, but Personal Property is Just Fine” came up for this term.

“reason rally” how many – I read an estimate of around 25,000. That’s a fantastic turnout, though I believe it’s lower than the estimates that were bandied about last week.

“feminism nail armor” – Unfortunately, this is not what it could be. It could be armor that we wear on our nails when feminists of any gender go out to fight for equality! Instead, this search term probably refers to the issues I and other feminists have with “nail armor” or, more specifically, the techniques used to market it.

“watch you’re beautiful korean drama with english subtitles” – Sorry I don’t have links to where you can watch or download the drama. I highly recommend mysoju, although it may not be the best source for You’re Beautiful.

“women are sluts in career” – I’d really like to know what you are trying to figure out. What does this search term even mean? I wonder if my post about promiscuity helped answer your question or just led you on a tangent.

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