Rambling About Jajangmyun, Kimchi, and Pickled Radish

I treated myself well today. Perhaps too well judging by how full I still feel. I went to one of my favorite places (though it’s much more fun when my boyfriend is with me) – the Asian market run by a Korean family in the city where I live. There are countless Asian groceries around the Twin Cities, but the food available at each is dependent upon the heritage of the owners. It’s not at all surprising that this has an effect on their inventories, of course, since food available in different Asian countries can vary widely, especially if you compare a north eastern Asian country like Korea to, say, Vietnam. Oh look, I’m rambling.

What I wanted to say is that I made, as I previously mentioned, jajangmyun from scratch. It wasn’t as difficult as I expected it to be. I wish I had taken pictures as I went, but I guess my desire to focus on cooking is your savior (as in, it saved you from having to see mediocre photos of the food). I also bought* melon flavored Ramune and a jar of kimchi. When I was done making the jajangmyun, I had about half of a giant Asian radish left. I looked up how to pickle it online because when you eat at a Korean restaurant they often give you pickled radish in addition to kimchi. I was curious to know how easy/hard it was. Turns out the hardest part is cutting the radish and carrot into small pieces.

Tomorrow my lunch or dinner** will probably be more jajangmyun with pickled radish and carrot as well as some kimchi. 😀 I highly suggest trying these things, or, if they don’t sound appetizing, watching Couple or Trouble until they do.

*Random side note: I really hate when people say, “boughten.” Obviously it’s wrong, but that incorrect word specifically bothers me a lot.

** I feel like throwing this out there: “dinner” and “lunch” are extremely arbitrary designations in my life. I don’t really eat “meals.” I eat when I feel hungry, and this sometimes turns into 6 snack-like meal thingies in a day and sometimes turns into 3 almost-meals spaced oddly in a day.

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One thought on “Rambling About Jajangmyun, Kimchi, and Pickled Radish

  1. sierralei says:

    i. love. korean. food. yum!

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