What I’ve Been Reading March 21

Yes and applause. And thank you to the anonymous doctor who wrote this amazing post about transvaginal ultrasounds and patient autonomy.

That’s right, reading fiction is good for your brain. (I happen to love novels while nonfiction isn’t usually my cup of tea) I was very happy to recognize both characters mentioned at the end of the article. 😀

There’s a bill in Tennessee to mandate publication of certain data about abortions. While that in itself might sound harmless, the description of what the bill would require does not. Requiring the public reporting of the names of doctors who perform abortion as well as rather specific patient demographics sounds dangerous, not helpful. I think the public dissemination of information is important, but in a situation like this patient privacy would too easily be breached. (Thanks to The Morning Heresy)

Wow. Just wow. Talk about a tremendously awful law. I feel like it interferes with free press. Not being a lawyer I have no idea if there could be a legal case for that. But functionally the government is screwing with the free press. It’s like saying, “You cannot investigate this particular industry.”

I made jajangmyun today for the first time. I’ve had it in a restaurant, as a packaged meal, and as an instant meal, but today was my first time making it myself. So delicious. 😀 I bought some kimchi to eat with it and a melon flavored Ramune

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One thought on “What I’ve Been Reading March 21

  1. […] a link to a response to “A doctor on transvaginal ultrasounds,” which I mentioned on the 21st. The response is definitely worth reading. I do take issue with this: There’s no indication […]

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