Thirty Day Book Challenge #21: Favorite picture book from childhood

I love books. I have loved books for a very long time (pretty much since the beginning of my memory and probably before that). I used to go to the library with my mom and brother and leave with 50+ children’s books.

The problem with naming my favorite picture book is that I moved on to chapter books pretty early. Also, do I pick the book based on its pictures? Or based on the story? If it’s my favorite picture book, I feel like the pictures should factor into my decision and not just be a side note.

In elementary school, the librarian (Mrs. Rose until 4th grade… then it was some guy) used to read us Strega Nona and it was one of very few books that I enjoyed having read to me. It’s definitely high on the list of picture books, but not the winner.

Gregory the Terrible Eater is a wonderful story with fun illustrations. I just loved that book as a kid <- Haha, a kid… Gregory is a goat. (Still not the winner)

My favorite picture book from childhood is a book I won in some sort of drawing/raffle thing. I have no idea what the drawing was, I only know that I got to go to a room in the back of the library and choose a brand new book. The illustrations are a bit goofy, but utterly appropriate. The author made use of plenty of repetition, but somehow this only made the book more enjoyable. It is one of my top two favorite books to read aloud and for its fantastic illustrations and goofy story, I’m naming it my favorite picture book from childhood: Mud Puddle by Robert N. Munsch and illustrated by Sami Suomalainen.

Hey Mud Puddle!

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