Thirty Day Book Challenge #18: Book you’re most embarrassed to say you like

At this point I imagine you might be wondering why I bothered with this challenge given how many questions I’ve avoided. I happen to want to answer some of the questions, but I think it’d be lame to just cherry pick the days I like.

Which book am I most embarrassed to say I like? Here’s another non-answer answer for you:

There isn’t one. It’s not that I don’t read books that other people might dislike (Great Expectations in 9th grade – most people hated it, but I enjoyed it and wasn’t afraid to admit it), I certainly do. I’m just not particularly embarrassed by any of the books I like. Occasionally there might be a book I’m embarrassed that I’ve read, but it’s never a book I actually liked.

An example of a book I’m embarrassed that I’ve read might be one of those rather strange short novels that are free downloads for the Kindle. I’ve occasionally looked through these unknown novels and downloaded a few. Most I avoid because they’re really obviously erotica and I’m just not into that. At least once, though, I’ve downloaded a free Kindle book not realizing it was erotica (seriously, some of the descriptions sound like innocent love stories – not stories centered around sex) and read the entire thing. I suppose I’m a little embarrassed by that.

If I liked a book likeTwilight, I’d be pretty embarrassed. Of course, in order to like it I’d have to be completely unaware of the horrible writing, the nonsensical story, and the under-described, under-developed characters* so I guess it would be impossible for me to ever like it without being a completely different person. I’m a bit off topic…

If you like a book, try not to be embarrassed about it. I might think you’re taste is terrible, of course.

*Yeah, now you’re wondering how much I know about these books. Did I read them? Not exactly. I read the first 15 pages of the first one, and I think my IQ fell a couple points. At some point after that I read a large portion of the Sparklife Blogging Twilight blog. Imagine someone reading a book and, after every chapter, stopping to ruthlessly make fun of it while also summarizing the story.

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