What I’ve Been Reading March 14

I’m not sure you can be “fair and biased” at the same time. Dictionary.reference.com certainly doesn’t think so and I’m more inclined to agree with a dictionary site than with Jon Fleischman.*

I don’t think I know anyone who eats red meat on a daily basis, but doing so is bad for you. In other words, another study was just released that reaffirms that red meat is bad for you. It’s funny how they quote the study leader as saying any amount of red meat is bad for you, but the same man goes on to say,

Pan said that he eats one or two servings of red meat per week, and that he doesn’t eat bacon or other processed meats.

Make up your mind! Is it all bad for you, or is it all right in moderation?**

Unfriending! Ohhhh noooo. Oh wait, it’s okay if you unfriend me on Facebook because my posts are too political or I post too much. I’d rather you just unsubscribe from my newsfeed and stay as my FB “friend.” The only reasons I “unfriend” are that someone invites me to too many annoying events or I realize they’re an acquaintance that I hardly even recall meeting, or some combination of those two.

Are we going to break up with Siri? Aka, who cares?

People are still talking about Limbaugh, with some calling for the FCC to take action. I’m much more incline to agree with the author of this piece about the importance of free speech. Note the beginning:

I despise Rush Limbaugh. I despise almost everything I have ever heard him say. I wish that he were no longer on the air.

And the end:

If you don’t stand up for Limbaugh’s liberty today, someone may come for yours tomorrow. Discredit him, but don’t silence him.

Discredit away. 🙂

Someone explain to me why children misunderstanding reality is the fault of television and not the fault of parents and educators. Please. Two fifth-grade, Chinese girls killed themselves in an apparent attempt to travel back in time. The Chinese government is being accused of using this to try to censor television shows.

A community college in CA has come up with an interesting system to deal with high demand for classes.

“50 Best and Worst States for Women” – list ranking states in order of the best places to the worst places for women to live in the United States. It is pretty subjective, of course, but still interesting and I like the criteria they chose to highlight. The first 5 were revealed today.

*But maybe my bias is preventing me from being fair.

**Maybe I should note that this will have no effect on my eating habits. I don’t actually need clarification, I just think contradictions are silly.


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One thought on “What I’ve Been Reading March 14

  1. rowanwphillips says:

    -Re Any Lunatic Broadcaster/Politician/Preacher
    “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”
    Is this not the very principle of free speech? Tolerance is surely for the listener rather than the speaker.

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