Thirty Day Book Challenge #14: Book whose main character you want to marry


I don’t want to marry a character from a book. Sure, there are wonderful characters in books. Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice and Mr. Thornton from North & South are good examples of that, but I have never read about a character that was right for me and I doubt I ever will.

Book characters are just that, characters in books. I cannot translate even the most well-written characters into reality. I know people who say that the characters in books often become their friends, but it’s the books themselves that become my friends. I’d be more likely to tell you which book I want to marry than which character in a book I want to marry.*

Anyway, I’m not even going to venture a half-answer on this question.

*I don’t want to marry a book. I’ve never been big on re-reading books, and to be stuck with one forever? Real people can have nearly infinite depth of character and they can change, but books? There comes a time when rereading a book reveals nothing new and with most you’ll probably start to get sick of the story. Oh, also, books are inanimate objects.

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