Thirty Day Book Challenge #13: Book whose main character is most like you

Main character that is most like me…

I’ve made it pretty clear that I love Pride and Prejudice throughout this challenge, right? Please don’t hate me for saying that I think Lizzie Bennet and I are a lot a like. I’m not just picking an iconic and wonderful character because I love her or I want to be her. I think it might be more fun to be Jane or another character entirely. This is also not some misguided and weird attempt to find a Mr. Darcy of my own. I don’t need a Mr. Darcy.

Lizzie has quite a character. She is skeptical and sarcastic, caring and loyal. Sometimes her personality traits get her in to trouble – she’s the one the title refers to with “prejudice,” after all. She has a tendency to think she’s right all the time, and even when aware of this it’s hard for her to overcome it. And Elizabeth is definitely passionate, even though she generally has control over her emotions.

When it comes to the whole situation with Wickham, she allows her earlier prejudice against Darcy to blind her to the major flaws in Wickham’s character. I can’t say I’ve been in the exact situation, but I can think of a time or two when my initial dislike of one person blinded me to the flaws of another with whom I became friends primarily because we disliked that first person.*And later I discovered my mistakes only to find that my “friend” was the less admirable of the two.

Elizabeth and I are both very attached to our siblings, though I don’t exactly have a “Lydia” in my life. When not blinded by prejudice, Elizabeth is a relatively good judge of character. She’s intelligent and careful about who she becomes friends with.

I really think Pride and Prejudice is the book whose main character is most like me. Aren’t you glad I just had one straight answer for you this time?

*I hope that made sense.

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