What I’ve Been Reading March 11

First, answer this question:

A man has married 20 women in a small town. All of the women are still alive, and none of them is divorced. The man has broken no laws. Who is the man?

The answer has nothing to do with Mormons. Now read the article about creativity.

I really enjoyed this column about Congress, specifically the HofR, needing to be bigger. It makes intuitive sense although their are a fair number of practical problems that would accompany such a large HofR. Term limits and more representation, I like it (the term limits thing is me, not the author of the column).

Free Speech Under Fire” – a blog post/LA Times Column about the zombie Muhammad incident. It’s a very good column written by a law professor (re: someone with actual expertise on the law).

12-year-old Sues School District Over Facebook Profile Search” – Actually, the suit seems to be more about a variety of things – not just a FB profile search, whatever that’s supposed to mean. The school allegedly* coerced the student into providing FB and e-mail password information. >_<

12 things that kill blog posts: #8. Seriously people, learn how to make paragraphs.

USPS: possibilities to “fix” the postal service.

You have no idea how much I would love to be in northern Minnesota away from all the light pollution in the Twin Cities. I haven’t seen the northern lights in several years, I miss them, and I bet they’ve been amaaazzzing the last few nights because of the solar flares.

*I’m not saying allegedly in any accusatory manner, as if the girl is lying. I’m simply saying it’s alleged. I just want that to be clear.

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3 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading March 11

  1. wanderingatheist says:

    Is the man a reverend or priest?

  2. Jimi says:

    He’s a priest/minister et. al.

  3. It’s funny, I answered with, “Justice of the Peace,” and then thought, “Well, the answer is probably ‘priest’ because it’s usually a religious figure that marries people.”

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