What I’ve Been Reading March 9

Arizona Senate approves bill on ‘wrongful births’: Now, if your baby is born with a major defect that you knew nothing about, you can’t sue the doctor. Because if a doctor thinks you might abort a baby, they should be allowed to lie by omission with impunity to make sure you maintain the pregnancy.*

Wow, this situation must have been really difficult to navigate. What would you do if your wife or husband said they were transgender after years of marriage and that they wanted to make the physical transition? Would you be able to maintain your relationship? Kudos to this family for staying to together. Must have taken very strong commitment and drive.

“After you eat, remember to go to the Great Hall to clap! Raise your hands! Clap! Raise your hands! Clap! Raise your hands!”

“Quick: What country jails the most journalists?”

List of Celebrity Atheists? Why not? Not that a celebrity holding an opinion makes it a more valid opinion, but it certainly helps to know that famous people share your disbelief and are still famous.

It would seem that you have to live in the United States (probably outside of certain areas) to understand what it means to be an atheist in the U.S. Nathalie Rothschild clearly doesn’t get it. After seeing responses to her first article on how pointless she thinks the Reason Rally is, she dug the hole a little deeper with the second.

An apartment building in Minneapolis is going to have its own solar system! Wow!**

The building will have a rooftop deck, a solar system and a business center, and Minn said that he hopes to attract people who work downtown and at the University of Minnesota who might want to walk to work.

Maybe they mean solar power system? It’s a necessary distinction.

The language in this article may be a little over-the-top, but the point that Americans really love and cherish our public land is very valid. I’m really thankful to past leaders for deciding to maintain so much land in the United States as untouched or barely touched wilderness. And that’s coming from someone who has easy access to 160 acres of private land to hunt and enjoy as I wish (in accordance with hunting season, of course).*** The trees are more than all right.

I like Kelly Clarkson and I understand why she tweeted about liking Ron Paul. He’s pretty libertarian in the sense of believing government should stay out of private lives and focus on fiscal issues. It’s unfortunate if he has said racist/homophobic/sexist/etc. things, but all she said was she liked him (not “VOTE FOR RON PAUL”).

*Sarcasm on my part. Unfortunately not sarcasm on the part of the supporters of the bill.

**Hope it’s clear I’m making fun of this mistake.

*** I don’t actually hunt, but that’s beside the point.

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