What I’ve Been Reading March 8

Awesome: 41-year-old woman on Forbes billionaires list. Can’t help but wish it was for a company not focused on the way women look, but Blakely’s accomplishment is no less valid or awesome for that.

Not so awesome: a lot of birds and bats die because of wind turbines.

Apparently American politics are quite the source of entertainment for French intellectuals:

“Those among the French who are paying attention to the election, mostly les intellos (intellectuals), are enjoying the spectacle, finding it simultaneously entertaining and horrifying.”

I agree with the “horrifying” bit. It’s hard to find it entertaining when your country is at stake.

Science and video games – the only way to truly know how they affect our brains. Apparently, they have some good effects, “Hours of Intense Play Change the Adult Brain; Better Multitasking, Decision-Making and Even Creativity” And yes, better hand-eye coordination, too.

If you’re lucky the solar storm could mean northern lights tonight! Dancing lights in the sky that occur naturally? What could be more awesome than that?*

Greta Christina held a contest for people to design a cover for her new book, Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless. She posted the images of the designs that weren’t chosen on her blog. I don’t particularly like the image she chose – it looks too much like Soviet and Chinese communist propaganda. Feelings about communism aside, associating atheism with communism never did atheists any favors (I would argue the association is detrimental). I like the 3rd runner-up image by Anonymous.

*Awesome is apparently my word of the day. Oops.

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One thought on “What I’ve Been Reading March 8

  1. bryanbr says:

    Communism is a political movement and atheism philosophical and existential. That association is definitely a bad one.

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