Thirty Day Book Challenge #8: Book that scares you

This is yet another hard topic. What kind of scary are we talking?

I once read a book that was so suspenseful that I forced myself to finish reading it during daylight so I wouldn’t get too freaked out. The story itself wasn’t horror exactly, I think it was a Dean Koontz novel – Velocity. This book, however, made no lasting impression on me. I recall the story, but hardly remember how I felt while reading it so I just can’t choose it for Day 8.

1984 is scary in its own way. You can probably imagine that the idea of living in a world where I can’t speak my mind is pretty terrifying to me. Still, not the winner.

Oddly enough, the scariest book I can think of right now probably wouldn’t scare me at all much now. It’s a children’s book. When my mom read it to us at bedtime she was horrified by it. I remember that the final page of the book was black with little red scraps spread out all over it – the tailypo ripped apart the hunter in the story. I guess the lesson of the book is that you shouldn’t eat the tails of vengeful creatures like the tailypo. I’m pretty sure I had a hard time sleeping that night. The Tailypo: A Ghost Story is not a good bedtime story!

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