What I’ve Been Reading March 7

Did you know that every first Wednesday of the month in Minnesota (at least in the Twin Cities and surrounding area) the tornado sirens are tested? I know, you’re probably wondering what the heck is a tornado siren/what does it sound like? Well, if you lived in MN you could be comfortable that if a tornado siren is needed for severe weather you would 1)know what a tornado siren sounds like and 2)know that if needed, the sirens will be in working order.

I will keep going with this MN-is-wonderful theme by sharing this article about bystanders helping and comforting a man pinned under an SUV while waiting for emergency workers to arrive. Sure, this might happen in other states, but today it happened in Minnesota. I hope the man is all right.

“At India bank, sex workers earn a little interest and self-esteem” – I highly recommend reading this, even if the title doesn’t attract your attention.

There have been improvements in the labor market, but an increase in the labor participation rate might keep unemployment high. I’ve been saying that would probably be the case since I took my first college economics class (and so have a lot of other people).

Is Bill Maher as misogynistic as Rush Limbaugh? It’s pretty true that no one ever seems to make a fuss about what he says, and this article suggests he’s just as bad as Limbaugh. I’m not convinced, though. Limbaugh attacked a woman who was not a politician and all the other examples seem to be men attacking female politicians. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending them, I just don’t know if they’re as bad as Limbaugh. Maher’s defense of Limbaugh does bother me, though.

And in case I haven’t shared enough links and opinions on the whole contraception thing and the Rush Limbaugh thing, here’s another one.

Say what you will, I found “Subject For Debate: Are Women People?”  extremely amusing. It may be a slight over reaction, but is still quite enjoyable and highlights a few things people in the United States should be angry about.

Happy reading!

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