Limbaugh Still Sucks and a Hypothesis About Women’s Self-Esteem

I have two articles to share with you today with very brief comments on each.

First, “Will Rush Limbaugh’s ‘slut’ comments finally cause Republicans to cut ties?” I particularly liked this quote,

“For the good of U.S. political culture — or at least its own political self-interest — the GOP must distance itself from Mr. Limbaugh.”

I really do with people would stop listening to Limbaugh. I don’t think he contributes anything constructive to society, to the party or to this country.

The second article is of a different nature, called “Some black and white truths at last.”* Apparently a poll found that black women are more confident in and comfortable with their bodies. The writer suggests this may be because of the extreme lack of black representation in the entertainment and fashion industries. It’s an interesting hypothesis. The only part of the article I didn’t like is the following:

It’s not that the black women in the survey are ruthless individualists, pursuing professional glory and solo fun to the exclusion of all else; the other telling statistic is that 74% of them consider “living a religious life” to be important, compared with 57% of white respondents. Some might say that this figure alone explains their greater confidence, lower stress and different priorities.

Why don’t I like this? The writer seems to be suggesting that the opposite of a religious individual (or someone who thinks that’s important) is a ruthless individualist who pursues professional glory and solo fun to the exclusion of all else. Obviously, I resent such a suggestion. I think it’s strange that the writer thinks some people would say placing higher importance on “living a religious life” would go with thinking it’s less important to be in a romantic relationship, very important to have a successful career, and very important to have time to pursue other interests.

Anyway, I’m happy that black women are happy with their bodies (comparatively, anyway), find careers so important, and find hobbies so important. That’s a wonderful thing and it’s definitely something other groups can learn from.

* I like the word play in the title.

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