Thirty Day Book Challenge #3: Book that makes you laugh out loud

There are a lot of books that could be considered for the category of “book that makes me laugh out loud.” Usually these books are some form of satire (Voltaire’s Candide, for example). But while there are many books that make me laugh, I think the most deserving of this title must be a book that consistently makes me laugh throughout the entire book. One or two laughs is not good enough, nor is a general persistence of non-laugh-inducing-but-still-amusing humor.

It’s actually quite easy for me to choose the winner because I can only think of one contender. Before I reveal the answer I want to mention that this book wins even though I haven’t even finished reading it. Yes, it is that funny.

While The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy made me laugh, as do Candide and the Bible (both of which I haven’t yet finished), the winner of this category is The Nuclear Platypus Biscuit Bible: A Spiritual Guide for the Disciples of Biscuitism by Pope Gus Rasputin Nishnabotna Sni-A-Bar Freak the First. What’s funnier than satire of, well, just about everything?

(Amazon’s page for this book)

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