What I’ve Been Reading Feb. 25

I enjoyed reading this – written by an ex-Scientologist about, well, Scientology. Also, spell check apparently recognizes Scientology, but not Scientologist or ex-Scientologist. I guess we know spell check’s opinion of followers of Scientology.*

Removing rhino horns to save rhinos. I think it’s fantastic that this community banded together to try to protect rhinos. I can only hope it goes well.

Privacy Bill of Rights? Unfortunately sounds like it only really covers the internet when there are many aspects of privacy that need to be protected. Still, it’s better than nothing. Hopefully if anything becomes law out of this, the law will have teeth.

I love science. 🙂 Biology, chemistry, physics – they’re all awesome. I definitely like to read about new stuff going on in various fields, and I often wish I has taken more science courses in college.

Want to read something delightfully unsubstantial? Entertainment photographers (not paparazzi) actually initiate photo-snapping bans on certainly celebrities when those celebrities are rude to them.

Look! More science, but this time it seems to frighten the author of the piece. I’m not exactly sure why.

“Theocracy and Its Discontents” – worth reading.

*That was a joke. I hope you caught it.

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