What I’ve Been Reading Feb. 24

I can’t say I’m excited about any of the Republican presidential candidates. If we elected First Ladies, Michelle Obama would have my vote hands down.

Somebody sure hates Obama. Funny, though, he seems to have a lot of faith in Republicans:

The biggest burden on this week’s two Republican front-runners, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney, will be to describe—in detail—what really happened to the U.S. economy the past three years.

Earth to Henninger, neither Santorum or Romney are economists or seem to understand economics any more than Obama does.

Okay, the United States Post Office needs to be run like a business, and Congress needs to allow it to be so run. Slower service is certainly not something that will help USPS, but the mass closings that cause the slower service will help.

Little, tiny horses? Maybe global warming isn’t all bad! (That’s a joke, for anyone who missed it…)

I liked this op/ed on health care in the United States. It’s not perfect, but the author made some interesting points.

Transportation funding. Woot. Not. Also, hell no are they going to keep track of “miles driven” in my vehicle. Seriously, that is the worst idea of the bunch, and that includes the inflation suggestion (which would probably just build inflation into the economy – trust me, we don’t want to have to do what Volcker did). As much as I hate tolls and their unique brand of privacy invasion (in PA, Ohio and IN you get a ticket when you get on the tollway and you give up the ticket and pay when you get off and all of the gas stations and fast food places available along the way are located in “plazas” or “oases.” It’s a very controlled driving experience – my mom calls them “Nanny roads”) I’d rather deal with tollways than the government putting a GPS tracker in my car.

Despite what you may be thinking based on this and a few earlier posts, I am not a conspiracy theorist that thinks the government is watching me all the time. I am merely a concerned citizen – particularly concerned by the various incidences of government erosion of privacy (and also concerned with various incidences of private industry eroding my privacy).


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One thought on “What I’ve Been Reading Feb. 24

  1. Jimi says:

    One thing to keep in mine, it’s not a theory if the conspiracy is real. 😉 Keep smilin’!

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