What I’ve Been Reading Feb. 17

Here’s what I’ve been reading and recommend as reading material:

Study about autistic children. It has its weaknesses (they’re discussed in the article), but it’s nice to see a study that contradicts anti-vaccine parents who say their child became autistic immediately after vaccination.

Paul Krugman is saying, without saying directly, that Americans who vote for Republicans are stupid. I mean, his column has a few interesting statistics and a few interesting points, but his overall argument is rather condescending.

I love dogs. 🙂

A little Washington Post article on the average salary of federal employees.

Driver-less cars in the near future? People have been saying that since the late 1980s.

Massachusetts politics – not something I normally pay much attention to, but I thought this was interesting anyway.

On Contraception and Liberty” – it is pointed out that Republicans are arguing about religious liberty while Democrats are arguing about contraception – notice the disconnect? I’ve mentioned this before. They don’t actually seem to be talking to one another.

“The primary races have left us with a degraded political discourse.” Not surprisingly, I enjoyed reading this article about the role Christianity has been playing in political discourse of late.

And from another article entirely:

“We would all prefer to live in a world without deep conflicts over cultural issues. But that is not the world in which we live. Over the past generation, women have gone from being second-class citizens to being full and equal partners in American life. The ability of women to make their own reproductive decisions—on both birth control and abortion—has been a central part of this revolution.”

As always, happy reading.

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