What I’ve Been Reading Feb. 13

“What we learn from you, and others like you, will allow us to be even more creepy in the way we track and control what you view on the internet.”

Well Krugman is back to his usual self. Or perhaps I am back to mine. He should really link his articles to other articles. (I’d love to read about the Heritage Foundation being the starting block for the health care legislation signed into law when Romeny was governor without having to search for it.)

I’m happy for Washington. Here’s to hoping Minnesota doesn’t go in the opposite direction in November.

I like the occasional human interest story – little girl makes and delivers Valentine’s goodie bags to cancer patients. 🙂

Found this a little funny (I find humor in odd places, I guess): “‘Even the [former policy] didn’t stop self-righteous, progressive teachers from bringing homosexual propaganda into the classrooms,’ she said, drawing gasps from some in the room.” Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were okay with self-righteous, anti-gay teachers bringing anti-gay propaganda into the classrooms. And how about that “drawing gasps” – somehow that just makes me giggle. I guess the image I get in my head is akin to a woman standing up and saying, “Even the former rules didn’t stop teachers from putting up pictures of invisible pink unicorns!” and people gasping.

It’s not a long list today. I probably read another article about the whole contraception thing. I know I saw a lot of them. I’d like two people, one from each side, to sit down and write well-reasoned arguments specifically addressing the freedom of religion issue. I’m inclined to side with those in favor of the mandate, especially given the changes made by Obama. Nevertheless, I think the debate is really lacking well-reasoned arguments specifically addressing religious freedom.

I finished The Little Sister by Raymond Chandler last night. Not his best work, but interesting.

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One thought on “What I’ve Been Reading Feb. 13

  1. Jimi says:

    Once I am thinking a bit more clearly, it’s been a long day, I might just write something up. However, for now I want to interject a quick blip on the entire contraceptive/religious topic. These employers that are against the policy are being discriminatory in nature, they are not providing proper access for those that believe in the use of birth control, the same people they hired. It makes one wonder what these employers will do if these same employees all decide that a change of profession is in order.

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