What I’ve Been Reading Feb. 12

I’ve read three different articles on Alzheimer’s in last 24 hours. One was a long article about the woman who engineered the mice used to study the disease. Then there was one that wasn’t particularly memorable (well, I don’t remember much about it anyway). Finally, the BBC article on a study of the effects of a cancer drug on mice with Alzheimer’s symptoms. Both my grandmothers died from Alzheimer’s, and, while the first didn’t have a big effect on me, I watched the second go through the entire progression of the disease. It’s horrific for the patient and for their family.

Sometimes (okay, often) I feel like journalists read about something or discover something, then jump from A to Z in 100 words. Paper bugs hover better when top heavy = hovercraft are nearly here!

Random little article about how often doctors ask patients about exercise habits.

Following the Crowd to Citizen Science” is a pretty cool article about ordinary people, generally on the internet, helping scientific advances along, often with no science background. Before you baulk (who wants a non-scientist doing important science stuff?), read the article. It does raise the related, but different, question of how involved non-scientists should get in scientific debates. Maybe I shouldn’t mention it, but a lot of people didn’t believe in global warming (climate change, whatever the heck it’s called now) because a certain former VP of the U.S. without a degree in science insisted heavily that people just believe it is happening.

Japan’s facing conflicts as it rebuilds cities and towns and “hamlets” that were destroyed last year. Apparently, old people are a bit too powerful and not quite being reasonable. It’s an awful situation, but Japan can’t afford to spend the money to rebuild every little village when it sounds like a fair amount of those villages will be abandoned in the next 20 years.

Timeline. blah.

So I might finish reading this later. Or maybe not.

Not sure I see how this explains “The Truth About Income Inequality in America.” Also not sure the author managed to make a point. Still an interesting, short read.

Even though I had a bunch of articles open, I ended on this one because I like the hopeful tone and message that gay marriage is pretty likely going to be a reality in the future of the United States despite the opposition.

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