We Need Two Parties (At Least)

I loved this op/ed by Thomas L. Friedman. The Republican party is full of contradictions and full of people who don’t really seem to fit in the same party. Worse, a certain type of Republican has begun to dominate caucuses (I think it’s because these types of people have particularly caustic personalities and ideas that the more reasonable Republicans don’t like to be around).

Friedman is saying the party needs an overhaul, and it does. There have got to be a lot of moderates looking at the Republicans right now thinking, “If this goes on too much longer, my votes are going to start leaning left instead of right.” You can tell me independents don’t matter or being an independent is a waste of time, but it’s often the independents that make majorities. And the more radical the Republicans get, the further away they’ll be pushing those majority-making independents.

It’ll be interesting to watch over the next ten years to see what happens to the Republican party. It’s not as if we have even remotely the same parties our country started out with, and it seems reasonable that our parties will continue to see significant changes.

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