What I’ve Been Reading Feb. 11

I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing these posts or not in the future, but right now I like them.

Some private (and some public) funding for early literacy programs in Minnesota. The programs sound promising, hopefully they really deliver.

Another blogger liked one of my posts, so I checked out his blog (or rather, the blogging consortium of which he is a part). Interesting, although looking at the most recent post makes me feel like I need to stop putting off reading Adam Smith.

Journalists arrested in an investigation into payoffs to police and public officials (in the UK).

People don’t typically get Dickinson College confused with Dickinson State. That’s definitely a good thing.

This is an article about violent crime in Philadelphia.

Interesting read, if nothing else, called “Why the World Needs America

I read a bunch of other stuff, too, but these were more or less the highlights. I’m also reading Raymond Chandler’s The Little Sister and just finished Playback. I have to say Playback was a little confused and a little boring, and I agree with the evaluation that it’s the weakest Chandler novel.

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