Lingerie Modeling Displays Christian God’s Artistic Phase

“Huh, uh well its a little late to want to save your body for you husband when its already plastered everywhere. But whatever floats the boat i suppose.”

Sometimes I love comments at the end of articles and blog posts.

I know beliefs change and how people perceive the world changes, but this woman won a contest that many, many other young woman entered, and then just gave up her prize. It’s a little strange. I don’t know if it’s selfish, exactly, but I don’t get it. How do you go from lingerie modeling being your “absolutely biggest goal in life” to quitting in only a couple of years?

Also, who is to say that lingerie modeling isn’t “honoring [your] Lord”? (I replace “the” with “your” because I most certainly do not have a lord.) If you’re a Christian (well, a literal Christian), you are descended from what was basically a living sculpture. Lingerie modeling is just displaying your Lord’s artistic phase. It was, after all, one of his best phases. (After his artistic phase he moved on to sadistic phases. Many, many sadistic phases. And playing-with-your-feelings phases along with mess-with-your-mind phases. Fun guy.)

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