What I’ve Been Reading #2

What I’ve been reading post #2.

Putin Hails Antarctic Lake Discovery: In Russia, scientific discovery is used for political gain instead of denied vehemently by politicians. Of course, I don’t really like that it’s being used for political gain, but it’s better than denial. Also, the lake itself is kind of cool. I wonder what will be uncovered by the researchers?

This deserves it’s own post, but I’ll include it anyway. Not all Muslims are crazy (the majority are, I think, normal people), but it seems like most Muslim countries are controlled by the crazy ones.

I liked this discussion of women’s reproductive rights and the Obama administration’s new rule about contraceptive coverage. It’s not devoid of rhetoric (I don’t think, “When it comes to users of birth control, it’s nearly every woman in America,” is accurate, as much as I wish it were), but the author does a relatively good job of pointing out the real issues.

Mindful Eating… Just read the article.

Fact Sheet on the new contraception rules. I don’t know if I like the term “Fact Sheet,” but it’s still a good thing to read.

And lastly, an article about the controversy over contraception.

Do Catholics oppose the use of hormone pills to treat acne? Because birth control is still preventing pregnancy even when its primary purpose is treating acne. I’m imagining a Catholic teen with acne saying, “It’s against my religion to treat my acne.”

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