Tired of Typical Commercials and Ads

I was watching an episode of one of the CW’s shows online yesterday evening, and they kept showing the new Aerie Maddie Bra ad (Yeah, I know what it’s called because the CW replays the same ads over and over until your head explodes). The ad shows some model or another dancing around in a pink bra and what appears to be a thong in a kind of strange-looking room. By the end of the video I think it’s safe to say that the model is acting “sexy,” as dumb as I think that sounds.

My question is, why is this supposed to help sell bras? I mean, I realize the ad is probably targeting someone younger than myself (I’d guess 14-20 year-olds), but it’s just a scantily clad girl dancing around a room. Why do companies chose to advertise like this? Does it work that well?

Do ads like this bother other people, or am I just strange? After watching the ad several times (how many times? I don’t honestly know, I watched several different episodes last night and this ad was played at every commercial break, though I generally was reading during commercials), I’ve come to the conclusion that the bra itself looks flimsy and poorly made. Maybe it doesn’t look good under clothing so Aerie decided it was better just to show it on its own? Ha.

Why do we advertise like this? Why do we send the message to young women that in order to be sexy, you need to wear skimpy clothing? I’m not saying we should send the opposite message – that girls should cover up and and wear extremely “modest” clothing. Instead I wish advertisers would send less sexually charged messages. Most of us buy bras based on two things: comfort and quality. Sell the bra based on how great it looks under a shirt or how comfortable it is. Or use the sex angle in a different way, if you must use it at all – show how sexy the bra can help you look in regular old jeans and a t-shirt. Very few people see most women or girls in just bra and panties anyway.

I’m tired of the way companies advertise their products. I’d much rather see a funny ad or a utilitarian ad than an ad that tries to sell something based on celebrity use, the product being a status symbol or using sexually suggestive imagery or language. I’ve pretty much always felt that way. I’m curious, though – how do you feel about it?

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One thought on “Tired of Typical Commercials and Ads

  1. hbhatnagar says:

    I guess the ad in question, though I haven’t seen it, just seems to prove the old adage, advertisements are made by men for men. Given the amount of money companies spend on publicity, it’s surprising how few companies do any actual market research before launching very visible and highly expensive campaigns.

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