Republican Party of Minnesota Platform

I mentioned the Republican caucus and the party platform in an earlier post. What I didn’t mention is that as I left the caucus I picked up a copy of the party’s platform. I read the entire thing with two highlighters – one pink and one green – which I used to highlight things I disagreed with (pink) and things I agreed with (green).

The results were not surprising to me. I probably agree with about 40%, disagree with about 40% and have no opinion on about 10% (some of the stuff doesn’t make sense or I know next to nothing about the issue).

Also not surprising: the things I agreed with are mostly economics or budget-related while the things I disagreed with were primarily from the influence of evangelical Christians who have a difficult time dividing morality from religion, morality from law, government from society, etc. In other words, I reaffirmed that I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

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